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OBAMASTAN - Future name for America. Obamastan: Glorious Socialist Worker's Paradise, Land of gun control and redistributed wealth

BEER - Is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Ben Franklin


liberals are so stupid, they're self destructive -

RICK SCOTT - They should ask for his papers, he looks like a damn space alien.

ARE YOU SHITTIN ME! - He failed on all of his campaign promises and you reelected him. What have you gotten me into?

PRESIDENT BARACK ZIGZAG - 'Cuz of the double, wait triple, wait quadruple...dip recession.

HE WANTS YOU BUT HOW DOES HE WANT YOU? - Everyone has a creepy uncle, but America is the only country with a national creepy uncle.

OBAMA'S GREATEST FEAR - Meeting with brutal dictators, no problem. Talking with only news network that asks tough questions, NO WAY!

OBAMA AUTHORIZES MURDER - The "Presidential Assassination Program" allows the murder of Am. citizens away from the battlefield if the White House determines them to be a terrorist. No trial or due process. There's change for you.


wants to be.... -